Eric J. Ma

Hey there! My name is Eric, and I’m one of the team members on the UBC iGEM Team.

You can call me the “Media Mogul”, as in addition to the other bench work which I do, I’m also the point person for making media for the team. Quality assurance is my buzzword. 😉

Thus far, I’ve led the Funding sub-team in securing student stipends and sponsored DNA synthesis, and we hope to build on this success to seek out more funding from other groups this summer, and for next year too.

My career goal is to become a biomedical engineer specializing in programming minimal cells to do useful things, just as robots do nowadays. My specific focus is on cancer, as I have a personal experience and loss in my family related to cancer, and I have a vision of these minimal cells having a great impact on cancer treatment and diganostics.

Outside of class, I enjoy a wide variety of activities. One of my particular favorites is randomly making up music on the piano. I also love badminton and football (soccer for the Americans), and I follow the Red Devils Manchester United. Then there’s photography, as evidenced by the photo of the Michael Smith Labs above. I’m also volunteering with the Science Peer Academic Coaches to develop the program to greater heights this year.


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