Quotes From The Lab

“Lost in Transcription.” – May 2009 by Dr. Eric T. Lagally at an iGEM Team Meeting, in reference to the movie “Lost in Translation”.

“You know how the MSL staircases are a helical spiral? We could take photos of each other separately on the staircase and then ligate them together!” – 15 June 2009 by Charles Howes on getting a team photo taken.

“Don’t fret, Amelia… You’ll just start flipping your DNA around.” – 16 June 2009 by Eric Ma on Amelia’s so-called “bad” day at the lab. (Note: FRT, pronounced “Fret”, is the DNA recognition signal for the FlpE recombinase to flip DNA in between the FRT checkpoints.)

“He actually read the paper.” – 18 June 2009 by Eric Ma on why Hank was able to explain the Predator-Prey system paper that Janny was presenting for the Journal Club meeting.

“Oh, nothing new…” – 13 July 2009 by Amelia Hardjasa in response to Paul’s statement that our Jamboree trip may potentially involve the whole team in a single room dorm with 12 beds, “shackin’ up together”.

“How come I’ve ran out of master mix?!?!” – 13 July 2009 by Amelia Hardjasa. The scenario is quite self-explanatory.

(said following a whine) “I’ve ran out of master mix?! That’s impossible!!!!” – 14 July 2009 by Eric Ma. Again, the scenario is quite self-explanatory.

“I feel so violated!” – 17 July 2009 by Alex Ng, in response to a gentle caress of the posterior from Tony L.

(Facing Dr. Lagally) “I will wear my pants now.” – 20 July 2009 by Eric Ma, after the team meeting in response to the request to wear proper PPE while working in the lab.

“Whoa…” – 20 July 2009 by Hank Yu, in response to Amelia, Heather and Karen expressing their reasons for him to be at the iGEM gathering.

“[He’s born that way] so that he can blend both in the shadow and in the light” – 20 July 2009 by Amelia Hardjasa on President Obama’s apparent ninja upbringing.

“ouch! I don’t like that it’s too rough!” – Alex Ng on 29 July 2009 at the beach.

[facing Alex] “Okay, I think I’m going to need a private session.” – 13 August 2009 by Hank Yu at Journal Club before leaving.

[facing Heather] “Wait, are you Jewish?” – 26 August 2009 by an anonymous Asian male team member over lunch.

“iGEMers recombine in novel ways.” – 10 September 2009 by Dr. Eric T. Lagally at the UBC iGEM Executive Meeting.


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