Posted by: ericmjl | November 7, 2009

Following some cleanup…

So now that we’re back from the Jamboree with a GOLD medal, we set about cleaning up Roza’s bench so that we could give it back to her. As Amelia cleaned up the plates, this particular one surfaced…



Late-night salvo

Apparently, I had plated cells on the wrong antibiotic plate (supposed to be Chlor, plated on Amp-Tet). These cells had been recovering for 6 hours (don’t ask why).

Once I realized my mistake, I took the pipette, sucked back whatever I could of the 500µL, plated down that volume onto the correct antibiotic plate, and hoped that it’d work. Apparently it did. And so we have this successful plate.

Two wrongs, perhaps, do make a right.



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