Posted by: Calvin C | October 9, 2009

First iGEM Club 2009/10 Icebreaker

Long time no see!

Sorry about disappearing for the last two months.  We all have been very busy finishing our experiments and analyzing our data and results.  We had some poor results about a month ago…but everything turned out ok after we found the culprit behind our failures.

We had our first iGEM club 2009/10 event today.  It was an iGEM Introduction presentation followed by an icebreaker with the new club members.  We had a good turned out.  There were approximately 30 new comers, but that was only because people were busy studying. (please note that there was an organic chemistry midterm that evening and a microbiology exam the next day).  We will be expecting an even larger turn out at our first journal club meeting.

Amelia made a very emotional speech today.  She spoke from the bottom of her heart about how she loves iGEM and all the people she worked (and pretty much lived) with this summer.  Go Amelia!

So we are all preparing for the Jamboree now.  It is in less than a month.  Although we got some good results, we still have a lot of work to do!


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