Posted by: ericmjl | July 11, 2009

A Promising Outlook

At least, it’s a promising outlook for myself. I ran a PCR today, and even though there were contaminant bands in the water (which I expected, given that we haven’t changed our primer set yet), and the PCR on the parts I had identified, transformed and miniprepped (with Mark, Karen and Amelia’s help) indicated that the band sizes were correct relative to one another, although I must say that the band sizes weren’t correct relative to the 1 kb or 100 bp ladder that we had. Perhaps it’s the amount of DNA that I loaded. Amelia and Heather seem to have run into this problem before, and sequencing results indicated that they were fine, so I guess I should be fine too.

In any case, it sounds much more promising than the previous experiments that I had conducted, because I kept getting negative results, and at least this set of results are pseudo-positive.


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