Posted by: ericmjl | June 2, 2009


Thus far, things have been mostly preliminary set-up and testing of our reagents and materials and equipment. Things like making sure the LB plates with antibiotics actually work, making sure our PCRs work, making sure our

So today is a day of troubleshooting. In fact, this week’s probably gonna be all about troubleshooting. One of the more important things, running a gel, has given us some problems. The ladder, especially, shifts rather than runs across the gel. Thus, we have to troubleshoot by varying different components of the gel, such as the concentration of running buffer (0.5X vs 1X concentration), type/brand of agarose, concentration of agarose, even staining before and after running the gel.

This gives us all a chance to run everything in parallel, which is great for getting everybody trained up on the techniques.

An image of what’s going on right now is that we all have different things to do on our own, but we’re all doing it together in AMBL, which makes for a great congenial atmosphere. We joke together, play a movie on the screen, chit-chat as our experiments go… That’s how it should be, in the end. That’s the unique part of iGEM – the unique experience to collaborate as undergrads.


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