Welcome to the UBC iGEM Team blog!  We are a team of university students, researchers and faculty members from the University of British Columbia that is working on a project for the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) 2009 Competition at MIT.  We hope that you will enjoy reading about our interesting stories from this summer!

We also created the first Synthetic Biology Club at UBC!  Please visit us at our club website!

This blog is also a medium for us to communicate with our sponsors. Come check it out!



  1. Hi,
    My name is Jennifer and I joined this club during the clubs week. However, I never got an email from this club… 😦
    I know there was a meeting today because the person at the booth told me. However, I never got an email from you, so I didn’t really know where or what to do.
    I really want to hear about the meetings and workshops, etc via email. Could you please check??

    Thanks a lot


    • Hello Jennifer!

      I believe I talked with you at the meeting today, so I’m glad you found us! I’m sorry the email didn’t make it to you.


    • Jennifer,

      My name is Eric, and I’m VP Internal for the club. Could you please send me your e-mail address to:

      ericmajinglong [at] gmail [dpt] com

      And I will add you into the mailing list for our club.

      Thanks a lot!


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